Master of Ceremonies

Looking for someone to keep your audience entertained, engaged and on track? Invite Michael to MC your next event. Michael will sit with you to review your agenda and keep your event on track, while being flexible enough to adapt to unforseen circumstances. Contact us today to inquire about having Michael MC your next event.

Hosting EARN Conference 2018
MIchael hosts EARN (Employment Accessibility Resource Network)’s 2018 Conference at Ottawa City Hall.
Michael MCs Ray of Light, a fashion show to raise funds in support of mental health in April 2019. Organizers arranged for lip gloss applications in exchange for a minimum donation of $2-$3 to the cause. Michael announced that if someone donated $50, Michael would MC the second half of the show wearing lipstick. This fine gentleman was happy to oblige. Lessons learned: a) Should have asked for more money. B) Apparently sheen writer is Michael’s colour. Who knew?