Presenters for Spotlight

Are you interested in sharing your story at one of our monthly Spotlight shows? Each presenter is given 15 minutes to present their story about the challenges they have faced and what they are currently doing in their life. To present, please review the agreement below and complete the form so we can properly promote your presentation.

  • Upon being scheduled to speak, presenters will be sent one complimentary ticket for the event for them to attend.
  • While presenters are not paid for sharing their story, presenters will receive 60% of ticket sales from the people they refer to the event. At checkout, people will be asked if a speaker referred them and will be able to pick from a drop down menu of who referred them. This is how Illumabilities will pay out referral fees – based on the answer to this question. Guests of the presenter must buy tickets online in order for the presenter to receive a referral fee. (If there are extenuating circumstances, this can be discussed with Michael.) Payouts will be done 10-15 days following the event. All other ticket revenues belong to Illumabilities.
  • Presenters acknowledge that their story will be taped and that Illumabilities is allowed to use the video on their Youtube channel, vlog and other mediums to share the presenters story and promote the spotlight show. Any subsequent revenues made via Youtube channel or other mediums belongs to Illumabilities.
  • Presenters will receive the footage of their presentation for their own use. Illumabilities does not make any warranty as to the quality of the video. Any revenues presenters make from the video, including but not limited to other opportunities to speak, belongs 100% to the presenters.
  • Presenters agree that they will not sell products or services during their presentation but if there is something that they would like to let audience members know, they should indicate it on the form and Michael, as the host, will mention it following their presentation.

Presenter form

By completing this form, you acknowledge and agree to the terms listed above.

What would you suggest as a title for your talk? If you can't think of one, you can leave the title blank and we will recommend one based on your description below.
In a few sentences, tell us what your story is about. This text will be used to promote your story.
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