Dear Media – We are not click bait or victims

(Last Updated On: June 12, 2018)

I am always intrigued by how media portrays people with disabilities as victims or click bait. As an example, here is a March 2018 article from CBC regarding the case of a vicious assault on a man in Mississauga.

Police seek 3 men after ‘vicious’ assault on man with autism in Mississauga

Here is my issue with the article. If the man did not have autism, would a ‘vicious’ assault be acceptable? I would like to believe that we could all agree that anyone being assaulted is unacceptable. Or is CBC trying to tell us if you see someone with no disabilities, beat the crap out of them?

So if we are not saying it is ok to beat the crap out of people without disabilities, how is the fact that the person assaulted has autism a relevant point? I suspect that it is a pathetic attempt by CBC to get clicks because people would, for some reason, feel worse that it is someone with autism. Why?

This is not an isolated case. There has been numerous articles where the fact the victim of a crime has a disability is mentioned in the title of an article. Here is a challenge for you – If you have shared one of these articles, ask yourself – would I be sharing this if the person did not have a disability? If so, that is fantastic because absolutely we should help spread and identify criminals so they can be held responsible. If you are sharing because you feel bad that it is someone with a disability, stop. We do not need pity.


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