Spotlight Saturday

As part of my goal of shining light on people’s abilities, on Saturdays I will be sharing a video of one of the presenters from my monthly storytelling show, Spotlight. The goal is to share stories of people reaching their goals and doing great things, regardless of the challenges in their way. If you are or know someone who has an inspiring story to share, please complete the presenters form here –

Michael Lifshitz – The Height I Will Go To Prove Abilities

 In 2009, deciding waling on the ground was not challenging enough, Michael got into rappelling down buildings, something he will be doing for a 12th time this Fall. Hear what the experience has taught Michael…and what it can teach us all about reaching a goal. For more about Michael’s Drop 150 Challenge initiative, please click…

Pablo Coffey – Keep Smilin’!

Cancer/stroke/pacemaker and 30+ surgeries! Pablo has turned all the negative into an incredible positive not just for him, but many around him. His most important tip? Finding the humour in all of it!   To support Pablo in his fight against brain tumours, consider sponsoring him in his upcoming brain tumour walk –  

Crystal Parman – Shedding Light on Lyme Disease

After years of misdiagnosis and frustration, and reaching a critical point health wise, Crystaljoy finally discovered that her issues were due to Lyme Disease. Now, this Lyme Warrior and Advocate is creating a support program for people affected by and living with Lyme Disease, so others will not have to struggle like she did. For…

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